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Although not many photos, documents or other information about the Lynchburg Glass Corporation exists, the information that does is very compelling! Some speculate that the company was doomed from the start... was it faulty equipment or internal sabotage???

During forty-four weeks of production, glass insulators were one of the products produced. There are fourteen different styles of insulators that bare the Lynchburg name, and possibly as many as five can be attributed to Lynchburg Glass Corporation or their predecessor, Gayner Glass Works. In this section you can learn more about the different styles of insulators produced.

Fruit Jars
Another of the products produced were mason jars or "fruit jars". These come in three sizes: pint, quart, and half-gallon. Many of these jars have been found in central and western Pennsylvania. A set of these jars is a spectacular sight and a must have for the Lynchburg enthusiast.

Bottles were also produced either by the Lynchburg Glass Corporation or by their preceding company, Lynchburg Glass Works. Chero Cola bottles and some unmarked medicines were produced here; however any bottle is very hard to come by. This section contains more information on these bottles.

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